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Understand Your Teams

Forget about employee satisfaction surveys once a year!

Make data-driven decisions daily using real-time analytics & insights on your team’s engagement. Manage your remote-employees and help them to be more productive. Find, retain and make your internal influencers thrive. Help your isolated employees to be involved with the company.

Available on Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Turn Insights Into Action

Improve your employee’s wellbeing. Happy and healthier teams.

Weekly recommendations sent to your employees on Slack for positive habits that impacts your team’s wellbeing, productivity and engagement. Meditation, Breathing techniques, Healthy eating habits and more inspirations.

Take Their Pulse With a Smart Survey

Do you know how your employees are feeling?

Use our standardized pulse survey with a weekly three questions that will help you understand your employees, with easy reports and without leaving your Slack channels.

  • Moodbit is the future to achieve a customer experience based on highly committed work teams in their company purpose.

    . . .
    Carlos Hetzel
  • Moodbit has been awesome for closing the loop on employee happiness and getting in touch with our team's emotional trends over time.

    . . .
    Jason Moore
  • With Moodbit we have been able to find innovative and value-added solutions for customers. This has helped us generate efficiency and innovation.

    . . .
    Marcelo Page
Unlock Massive Benefits with the Power of the Data

Productivity Analytics

• Measure productivity of your teams

• Identify unproductive employee habits

• Automatically calculate daily productivity

Management Analytics

• Identify your internal influencers

• Manage your channels and understand their relevance with your employees

• Understand your Social Networks and the relevant topics

Insights Into Employees

• Understand your team's real-time mood & engagement

• Regularly check on your team’s sentiment

• Know exactly how engaged are your employees

Actions to Thrive

• Intelligent actions based on sentiment scores

• Science-back nudges direct to employees focused on their wellbeing

• Weekly pulse-survey

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Let The Numbers Do The Talking!
Engaged employees leads to:
Higher Retention Rates
Reduction in Absenteeism
Greater Profitability
Increase in Productivity

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