What is Moodbit Copilot?
The Generative AI For HR

Moodbit Copilot is the ultimate solution for modern HR teams! Discover, search, and unlock data-driven strategies with ease using our powerful Generative AI platform.

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How It Works

ChatGPT for your HR department

Chat with the Copilot that delivers answers, analyses, and summaries from across all your enterprise data: HCM and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Workplace and more!

Enterprise search powered by Generative AI

Unlock the power of cognitive search with Moodbit Copilot, enabling you to conduct thorough analysis and generate reports swiftly from your HR and enterprise data.

Customized HR strategies and action plans

Moodbit Copilot goes beyond report creation by actively generating follow-up questions, data-driven strategies, and action plans based on the context.

Looking to supercharge your HR department?
Unleash the Power of Moodbit GenAI Copilot for HR

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