Check your team’s mood & improve their well-being
All teams have the potential to become the dream-team, and you the dream-manager. Just be in touch on how their emotions are, and what to do to overcome challenges
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With Moodbit, you can easily check your team’s emotions in real-time with mood indicators. Also, your employees can excel with our weekly suggested actions to improve their well-being, engagement and productivity

Unleash the Power of Prescriptive Analytics

1, 2, 3 Action! Very simple! Just use Moodbit on Slack

Now what? It's time to put in practice an easy-to-follow action plan for each of your team members to improve: Engagement, Well-Being, Productivity and Job Satisfaction.

They will receive a weekly suggestion that impact in their 360º wellness.

Real-Time Pulse Surveys!

Forget about employee satisfaction surveys once a year!

On top of the real-time results, we also ask for their personal insights.

How was your mood this week? and What were your biggest challenges? These are two main questions on our weekly Pulse Surveys your team members will receive so you can have real-time analytics.

Engage your Teams - Keep your Talents - Reduce Turnover & Stress.

Get Well-Connected with your Team

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Let The Numbers Do The Talking!
Engaged employees leads to:
Higher Retention Rates
Reduction in Absenteeism
Greater Profitability
Increase in Productivity

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